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Welcome all, to Chief's Chatspace!
About Chatspace:

This site is a work-in-progress social networking site designed by Mastrchief(Chris_) with credit to various members that have signed up for the purpose of giving online users something other than myspace or facebook to communicate with friends and meet new people. I will constantly be working on this, so expect plenty of updates, and if you have a question, comment, or concern, please feel free to notify me either here or anywhere else you know you can get contact with me. For those of you wanting to see the source script, I have it uploaded here. Enjoy it, and learn from it. Everyone please note that this site is subject to go down at any time for updates, so please don't get frustrated and hate it just for that.


    - Signup
    - Login
    - Profile Viewing
    - Profile Comments
    - Online Status
    - Private Messaging
    - Outbox
    - Message/Comment Alerts
    - Individual Message Pages
    - Message Security
    - Proper Message/Comment Order
    - Message Replies
    - 15 Minute User Activity
    - Messages/Comments Per Page
    - Avatars

In progress
    - Profile Information
    - Friend List
    - Bulletins
    - Visual Page Editing
    - Overall Site Design
    - User Status

    - Delete Messages/Comment
    - User Albums
    - Password Recovery
    - User Blogs
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